A.D.U. presents MOON — the first collectible design object to show the phases of the moon.

MOON is an elevated design object; one that functions as a quiet and inspirational presence in our homes.

Faithfully syncing with the moon, it lends us the necessary space for contemplation.

MOON is not a lamp to turn on and off, but an object that accurately reflects the phases of the moon. It autonomously lights up and dims at moonrise and moonset. You can adjust the brightness, but nothing more.

In surrendering control, there is space to cultivate patience, humility and A Deeper Understanding™

  • Your MOON will behave like our real moon:

    • on & off : the moon rises and sets daily, though not always in sync with the sun.
    • day & night : We see the moon in the sky 50% of the time during the day and 50% at night because it rises, on average, 50 minutes later each day.
    • full moon : During a full moon, the earth is between the sun and the moon, and the moon rises exactly when the sun sets
    • new moon : During a new moon, the moon is between the sun and the earth, and the moon rises exactly when the sun rises
    • timing : the phases of the moon grow (wax) from a new moon to a full moon and wane back over approximately 29.5 days, a lunar month
    • angle : moon phase angles vary depending on your location on Earth, but also independently from your location
    • Designed and assembled in the inspiring city of Lisbon, Portugal, MOON is a registered design in the EU and the USA.
    • MOON is crafted entirely from the highest quality alabaster stone. This natural stone has abstract patterns reminiscent of the moon, allowing for a premium look while making each MOON piece entirely unique.
    • The device needs to be plugged in at all times. With our efficient LEDs, this will cost about 10EUR/year.
    • A user-friendly mobile application available for both iPhone and Android facilitates the effortless setup of the moon in just two clicks. The app will never be needed again unless the owner relocates the piece, unplugs it for more than 2 weeks or wishes to adjust the brightness.
    • A custom-built algorithm accurately computes the rise, set, moon phase, and angle for over 200 years with a remarkable precision of 99.9%.
    • MOON can be placed in any position on the footpiece, it will automatically adjust to show the exact angle of the moon phase in your location.
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